ISPCON: The leading event for wired and wireless ISPs
October 16 - 18, 2007
San Jose McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, CA

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Association and Analyst Partners


ISPCON would like to thank the following associations for their support of this event.

American Alliance of Service Providers (AASP)
AASP was founded in January 2000 to bring ISPs together as a group and leverage their aggregate size and resources to the common good of the membership. Our membership is a diverse group covering a wide spectrum of the Internet industry, connectivity providers, hosting companies, web designers, CLECs and other technology and Internet relevant companies. AASP is much more than a giant buying group, as it provides many resources for the members. AASP's resources include information in areas such as education, legal, political, marketing, upcoming technology, forums and the like. In fact the membership itself is one of the greatest resources available because the members share information, insights, connections and volunteer to help each other in specific areas. AASP has strategic alliances with other industry organizations whose efforts also support the common good of AASP's members. We facilitate the distribution of information to the members on matters that lobby groups need their help with. AASP keeps an eye on what is happening within the industry and addresses solutions that will help the members to achieve additional revenues, reduce churn, acquire new customers, survive and even excel in a rapidly changing industry.

California ISP Association (CISPA)
The California ISP Association (CISPA) provides California Internet service providers and their customers with a unified voice to address regulatory, business and service issues as well as to support innovation within the ISP industry.

Federation of Internet Solution Providers of the Americas (FISPA)
Since 1996, FISPA has represented the interests of Internet solution providers. We call our members "solution providers" because our members are companies who provide a whole range of services including Internet access, web hosting, web design and an ever-increasing number of other services all which use the Internet to facilitate a solution. We offer our members education and a place to network and facilitate discussion. We provide discounts on products and services which we collectively use from vendors such as Bell South, Sprint and Internet Business Consulting. We educate the public about the importance of the Internet industry. We support quality standards and practices for Internet solutions providers. We create a single voice presenting the concerns of the Internet industry. FISPA was created to meet these challenges.

Maravedis is the leading third-party research and analysis firm focusing on broadband wireless technologies including WiMAX, 802.20, TD-CDMA and 3G LTE. From WiMAX to cellular, Maravedis produces the best value market reports in the industry. Maravedis also provides high-quality consulting services to its customers thanks to in-depth understanding of the market, regulatory and technology trends shaping the industry. Maravedis has established itself over the years as the most credible and reliable resource for market intelligence in the broadband wireless industry. Maravedis works closely with equipment vendors, service providers, regulators, financiers and other stakeholders to produce the MOST reliable analysis of emerging market trends, competitive analysis and market forecasts that resist the test of time. Our research and analysis is: IN-DEPTH - RELIABLE - TIMELY

Wireless Communications Alliance (WCA)
Founded in 1993, the Wireless Communications Alliance (aka “WCA”) is a Silicon Valley-based, nonprofit corporation dedicated to the mutual benefit of Northern California companies and organizations involved in wireless communication technologies. WCA reaches more than 2,200 individuals and more than 350 companies and organizations. The goals of the WCA are to promote education, networking and exchange of knowledge; increase awareness of Northern California’s vast wireless capabilities; support development and growth of companies in our region; and serve as a bridge between business and academia. The WCA organizes monthly General Session and Special Interest Group events with presentations by experts and leaders from around the world on a wide spectrum of topics including; the technical and marketing aspects of wireless products and services, regulatory issues, wireless standards and investor-driven wireless market analysis. The WCA is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA)
WISPA is dedicated to promoting and improving the WISP industry. We promote the highest standards of ethical professional practices that will make membership in WISPA a recognized mark of experience, stability, integrity and competence. WISPA serves as a liaison between the membership and the FCC to promote efficient spectrum use and help formulate new spectrum policy to assist our member organizations deliver broadband in a cost-effective manner.

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